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Unbalanced performance is NO performance.

Beware of Imitations

The process of “stamping asphalt” was originally patented OVER 15 YEARS AGO, by Integrated Paving Concepts, a Canadian company. They have since been dedicated to researching and developing the highest quality of products available in this market, and providing the highest quality of training to their applicators.

For unparallel results, be sure your project is being installed by an expert.

After over a combined 70 million square feet of StreetPrint installed in more than 40 countries; IPC has a proven coatings product superior to any other on the market.

Becoming a licensed applicator is a privilege, not a right. The company is no longer issuing new licenses, but is concentrating on developing excellence in their existing applicator team of over 350 companies. This includes extensive training in all applications of the products.

Make sure you're getting Genuine StreetPrint

Since the end of their patent, in 2007, several other companies have emerged claiming to be experts in the field of asphalt stamping. Their products are inferior and their installation techniques are marginally comparative.

Inferior Product Examples

Schwartz Construction, an authorized, licensed, StreetPrint applicator.
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Advantages of StreetPrint

Several important features have resulted in StreetPrint's success.

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