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StreetPrintStreetPrint is a patented, proprietary technology and application process that produces realistic-looking brick, slate, stone and other design effects directly onto an asphalt base.

Quick installation, durability, easy maintenance and design flexibility make StreetPrint the product of choice for many projects.

StreetPrint's cost advantages over alternatives such as brick, stone or stamped concrete are significant. Quick installation, durability, easy maintenance and design flexibility make StreetPrint the product of choice for many projects.

StreetPrint combines the flexibility and strength of asphalt with leading-edge coating technologies. From unique heating equipment to specialized coatings, our components are designed to work together to provide a superior surfacing solution that lasts.

Ideal For:

  • Retail Entrances
  • Walkways
  • Paths of Accessibility
  • Crosswalks
  • Parking Lots
  • Medians
  • Sidewalks
  • Plazas
  • Parks
  • Residential Developments

Product Specs

How is StreetPrint Installed?

StreetPrint Installation

On new or existing asphalt, imprinting is carried out by applying heat to the asphalt surface, using specially designed infra red equipment, to make the upper portion of the asphalt surface pliable enough to accept the imprint of the template.

The templates used for creating the imprinted designs in the asphalt are constructed of specially woven wire cable welded to the desired pattern. While the asphalt is warm and pliable, the templates are placed on the asphalt surface and pressed into the asphalt using standard compaction equipment. The templates are then removed and the process is repeated over the entire asphalt surface. The depressions left behind are no deeper than 3/8" (9mm).

After imprinting, the StreetBond Coating System is applied to create a beautiful decorative surface, suitable for pedestrians and vehicular traffic.

Compare StreetPrint to Brick Paving & Stamped Concrete

StreetBond Coating System

StreetBond coatings are based on unique, epoxy modified acrylic polymer technology. Acrylics provide UV stability and minimal color fade. These coatings are designed to withstand a variety of weather and traffic conditions producing a durable surface that retains it’s vibrant color. Features and Benefits include:

Environmentally Responsible

StreetBond coatings are water-based and formulated to contain no solvents harsh to humans or the environment. Asphalt coated with StreetBond is fully recyclable.

Extended Asphalt Life

StreetBond’s durable polymer-cement surfacing system prevents oxidation and fortifies the asphalt base which results in a better looking, longer Lasting surface.

Chemically Resistance

StreetBond coatings are not affected by fuel, engine and de-icing agents that come into contact with road surfaces. StreetBond protects the asphalt from chemical damage.


StreetBond pavement coating s use an epoxy-modified formula that is specifically formulated to chemically bond with the asphalt surface, penetrating the top ¼”, sealing it from harmful wear and tear, even in wet weather.


Asphalt is flexible. Coatings therefore must have flexibility to move with it. StreetBond is specifically formulated to flex with asphalt across a wide Temperature range.


Slip and skid resistant aggregates give StreetBond coatings greater traction making coated surfaces safer for foot and vehicle traffic.

Color Stability

Advanced acrylic polymer technology and high quality pigments gives StreetBond coatings long-lasting color retention characteristics, especially against UV rays.

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Advantages of StreetPrint

Several important features have resulted in StreetPrint's success.

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