LogoTherm is a high-quality thermoplastic technology designed for durable, horizontal signage. It truly represents and protects your brand.

LogoThermLogoTherm provides many advantages. Its wear- and crack-resistant properties, comparable to the highest quality thermoplastics used in high-traffic roadways, give your logo enduring value. The nighttime visibility of your logo is enhanced with LogoTherm’s reflectivity. LogoTherm also provides skid- and slip-resistance for the safety of your customers.

LogoThermReciprocating heating technology safely raises the thermoplastic temperature to its melting point — without risk of scorching. This ensures adhesion without degrading the image and makes it easy for our licensed applicators to apply optimal heating over a large area. Our heating technology ensures that the entire LogoTherm image is completely adhered to the substrate. The result? A true and enduring representation of your logo.

Our qualified graphic artists develop high-quality digital versions of your image for LogoTherm application. This digital information drives our high-definition laser cutting process that delivers high-precision, detailed images of your logo.

With LogoTherm you can:

  • Incorporate detailed and elegant high-resolution horizontal graphics into your design plans
  • Ensure signage is visible and vibrant
  • Protect and ensure a long-lasting and true representation of signage and logos with our fade-resistant colors.
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