Better Hardscapes

StreetPrint’s unlimited design flexibility is ideal for creating unforgettable hardscapes that really work.

Designers and landscape architects love it: now you can make your mark with safe, user-friendly pathways and surfaces that are cost-effective, quick to install and hold up to extreme weather and use.

Enjoy significant savings and more design freedom when you choose asphalt as a single pavement substrate for your landscape projects.

With StreetPrint, DuraTherm and LogoTherm you won’t need more expensive materials such as concrete, brick or stone to realize your design potential. Fast installation delivers more savings as well as flexibility to work with demanding construction schedules.

Better yet, your projects will continue to impress and deliver savings season after season. Unlike other popular paving materials, asphalt is very forgiving. It expands and contracts with changes in the temperature, making it resistant to the ravages of extreme weather and time. StreetPrint surfaces stay attractive and safe longer.

With StreetPrint Solutions you can:

  • create attractive one-of-a-kind sidewalks, plazas, play areas and more
  • create custom pathways and motifs right up to public buildings and facilities
  • make a lasting impression with unique designs for landmarks, memorials and other public spaces
  • enhance public awareness of an organization’s or community’s brand
  • safely channel pedestrian traffic with raised or level medians.
It’s attractive, efficient and affordable.
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